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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Unfailing Love by Bella Bryce

     Bella Bryce is visiting today with a snippet from her latest sweet spanking romance Unfailing Love.

    “May I please unbutton that straight-laced waistcoat, undo your tie and give you a jolly good seeing-to under the duvet before the afternoon of shopping where you spoil me absolutely rotten?” She was still half-rolled onto her side and looked up at him with her large, captivating eyes.
     Bennett gently leaned over Elisabeth causing her to roll onto her back.  “You are a very, very cheeky girl, Elisabeth Fowler.”  He gave her another smack as his face was inches from hers and everything about that stern, cologne-infused man leaning over her with a perfectly knotted tie in direct line of sight made her even weaker.  “Lie still so I can take your skirt off.”
     “Is your hand so soft that you require it on bare skin to get through to me?”
     He raised one eyebrow as he pushed her over to her front.  “It sounds like you’re begging for a thrashing, my girl.”  Bennett unzipped the skirt.  “Keep still now or I shall have to put you across my knee.”
     “What if I don’t want to keep still?” she purred.
     “I’ll put you straight to bed,” Bennett leant forward and whispered into her ear.
     “Go on, then.”  She knew full well that he wouldn’t ‘put’ her to bed as much as he would bed her.
     “With pleasure, my darling.”  Her skirt was tugged down her thighs and revealed a pair of pink and white striped knickers with lace around the waist and legs.  His eyes smiled before his mouth did.  “I didn’t have these made for you.”
     Elisabeth’s mouth formed into a pleased grin.  “I know.  I have my contacts on the outside.”
     He continued pulling her skirt down.  “You make it sound like you’re trapped here,” his voice was suave as he bent down to speak into her ear.  
     “Perhaps I want to be.”
     That was one of the most attractive things Elisabeth had ever said and it was paired with a look of contented pride as she turned over her shoulder.  He wanted to kiss Elisabeth more than he wanted to smack her bottom, although she was lying there in wait for it so he gave her ten hard whacks.  Elisabeth whined as he rolled her onto her back.  He put his hand around the back of her head and bent down to kiss her.  There were intermittent moments of their lips touching and peeking at one another through half-closed eyes.
     “If we’re going to stay here then should I tell Sullivan,” she spoke between kissing, “to tell chef,” the kissing intensified, “that we’re not having afternoon tea?”
     “You will do nothing of the sort.”
     “Then can you take off your jacket?  It’s getting in my way.”
     “Don’t tell me what to do,” he gave the back of her thigh a hearty smack before slipping his arms out of the suit jacket.  A familiar burn flew across her body at the warning as they quickly returned to the heated exchange.  She was tempted to challenge him further just so she could feel that hot flush of euphoria but she really wanted to skip to the duvet part. Smacks could be fun if they were flirting but telling Bennett what to do at any time would not count as fun.  He would always consider that worthy of proper discipline and that was anything but sensual.
     “Sorry, Sir,” she whispered into his ear.
     He gave her two more smacks for good measure.  “You’re forgiven.”  They continued kissing slowly and passionately to appreciate every second of the exchange, until Bennett pulled her down the bed and right beneath him.

Unfailing Love
     Love is a decision. It isn’t a fleeting emotion, and it stands firm when everything else is shaken. Brayden James has learned through raising his adopted daughter, Alice, that discipline is only part of what is required to establish stability.
     When a devastating incident causes Alice to see the reality of her prior circumstances, she is affirmed once again in her life at Waldorf. Brayden’s healing love is exactly what she needs, and his blossoming relationship with Anabelle Grayson mirrors that in its purest form. Brayden and Ana are now exploring the facets of their courtship between the deeply desired accountability system of domestic discipline and some rather amusing scenarios.
     The fifth book in the series turns particular attention to Waldorf and where it all began, giving the reader a close-up look at the man who thought he lost everything he loved when his parents died. With glimpses at the supporting cast of the series, we learn how the boundaries of marriage are built when love is at the heart of relationships. What began as Alice’s story of forgiveness and healing has turned an entire social circle to focus on their need for unmovable, sacrificial and unfailing love.

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Bella's Bio:
Bella is a 28-year-old English writer of clean adult niche market smacky bottoms fiction published exclusively with Blushing Books.  To learn more visit her website:

Check out the whole series on  Amazon
Twitter: @bella_bryce

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ever Lasting Hope - Maggie Ryan's new Corbin's Bend Novel

I have Maggie Ryan visiting today with her new release Ever Lasting Hope.  It's set in Corbin's Bend, that hot spanking community we all wish we could live in!  Maggie, tell us a little about yourself.
     I'll share a secret with you, Kallista.  I tend to put myself down and not believe in my own worth. I can and do write about strong women but am still learning to be one.
    Maggie, I think continuing to grow and learn about ourselves is one of the greatest challenges life presents.  And it certainly makes our writing evolve too.
     You've brought along a sexy snippet from your book and I for one can't wait to read it.
Displaying Ever-Lasting-Hope-Final 500.jpg     “Oh...Rob,” she moaned as he released her mouth, both hands now cupping her ass. She had never wanted him more than she did at this moment. Slipping a hand from his neck, she moved it down his front until she could stroke the length of him. His groan had her smiling but it slipped as he placed his hand over hers, drawing it away from his erection.
     “No, babe. Not yet.”
     Ever moaned as he pulled off his suit coat and tie. Rob was a large man, standing about six foot four. His hair was dark, just a bit longer than the short cut required during his military service. His shoulders were wide and his chest broad. She watched as he slowly and deliberately unbuttoned his cuffs and rolled his sleeves up to his elbows.
      “You know this isn’t what I wanted, right?” 
     His question had her eyes lifting to his and she nodded.
     He continued. “Tell me.”
     Ever kept her eyes on his. “You told me what to expect. I...I know that I must punished first.” She paused, reaching out to place her palm flat against his chest. “Rob, I understand. I didn’t want to at first, but I do. Even if you decided to postpone or forget about it, I...I couldn’t. It wouldn’t be right. We made our rules and no matter how I might hate them at this moment, I need them all. I need you to keep me grounded, to keep me in line.” She took another deep breath and lifted onto her tiptoes to place a kiss on his cheek. “I need my man to take me in hand.”     Ever saw his approval in the depths of his green eyes. “But, afterwards, I will need that same man to love me as if he’s been gone for six long weeks.”
     She sighed as Rob drew her to him, holding her close, his cheek resting against the top of her head. Feeling him take a deep breath, she smiled. He’d told her once that he could be blinded and still be able to find her in the dark by the lavender scent she wore and he loved. They stood silently for several minutes, just reconnecting. It was Ever who stirred first.
     Rob let her go, allowing her to step away. “I’m proud of you, Everleigh.”
     Ever smiled, her heart accepting the praise even as her mind whispered that she would need to prove that her words weren’t simply fluff. She would need to prove that she accepted the discipline that she would soon be receiving.
     Rob moved away to walk across the room to retrieve his briefcase. Placing it on the bed, he dialed the combination to unlock it. Ever couldn’t help a small flinch as the latches popped open. Opening the lid, he gave her a smile. “I brought you something.”

Everlasting Hope Corbin’s Bend Season 3
     Everleigh has waited for weeks for her fiancĂ©'s return. Rob had been overseas for six weeks and his absence was almost more than Ever could take. Even knowing that he was going to take her over his knee for ignoring his instructions didn't dampen her desire to have him home.
     After a few weeks of constant togetherness, Rob sees a change in the woman he loves. As their wedding draws closer, his sweet Ever was threatening to turn into one of those horrid Bridezillas. He decides she needs a different project, one that captured her artistic spirit.
     Ever is all for following this order but finds her original plans change when she learns of a project that will allow her to honor the men and women who serve their country. The residents pull together to help these injured soldiers.
     Tory's husband, John, needs more than his wife's love and as a fellow resident of this special community, Rob takes on a project of his own. Ever finds that art takes many forms and hope is everlasting as long as there are people in the world that reach out to help their fellow man.

                        Amazon      Blushing Books      Barnes and Noble

From the Author:
     I have been writing stories as long as I can remember. I am an author with Blushing Books. I enjoy writing both contemporary erotica as well as historical books set in ages past. I love developing characters that are able to tell their own stories. My heroines are multi-faceted women who are strong, intelligent and capable in their own right but find a deep need to share their lives with those strong, sexy and dominant alpha males that capture their hearts. My heros recognize the gift of submission for the gift it is, loving and protecting the women that offer that gift. 
     I enjoy sweet, romantic stories with just a taste of domestic discipline as well as one that explore the harsher D/S lifestyle. I also enjoy writing age-play stories set both in Victorian er a where women didn't have a great deal of power in their lives as well as in today's present time where women still find their happiness is greatly enhanced in offering the gift of submission. 
    My hope is that you settle back in your favorite chair and allow my books to entertain you and let you escape into another world. 

Please feel free to contact me at: as I'd love to hear from you.

I'd appreciate it if you'd leave a review on Amazon as well as reviews not only help inform other potential readers about books that you have enjoyed, they serve to help me strive to become a better writer. I so appreciate every reader and wish you Happy Reading!

Check Maggie out on Amazon

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Stevie MacFarlane Brings Us a Feast of Feisty Females! Grace:The Marriage Market

     I loved Stevie MacFarlane's book Amelia:The Marriage Market and I'm thrilled to announce the next of her feisty heroines, Grace Wentworth, now has her own story.  I talked to Stevie about her books and how she's followed her dreams in life.
Kallista:  Stevie, I think when we're young we all secretly have big dreams for the future.  If you could have been told one thing that you weren't told when you were a teenager, what would you like to have heard?
Stevie:  I would have liked to have been told that I could do anything.  My mother was a hard-working woman and she loved to read, but she was very down-to-earth.  I think her dreams had been crushed many years before I was born.  It wasn’t that she didn’t believe in me, I just think she wanted to shield me from disappointment, so she was always trying to tone down my dreams.
Kallista:  What specific thing have you done that impressed yourself?
Stevie:   I wrote a book, and readers actually liked it.  I’m very proud of that.
     Stevie, I want you to know that I'm one of those readers!  Give us a peek at what we have in store in Grace:  The Marriage Market Book 2.
“How did you find us, Mr. Blackthorn?  Any paid assassins lurking about?”
“Miss Lane, you wound me,” Jonah said, patting his chest.  “As a gentleman, I feel bound to assist a damsel in distress.  I am here to offer my services in protecting your dear friend, Miss Wentworth.”
“Actually, Mr. Blackthorn, we weren’t in distress until you appeared,” Grace spat nearly quivering with anger.   “I would have thought being bested by two helpless women, ‘damsels in distress’, would be enough for any man.  Perhaps you’d better stay away from the ship’s rail on this voyage unless you’re a very strong long-distance swimmer.”
Watching his lips thin, Grace smiled in delight.
“Believe me, Grace, you only got away with what happened in Omaha because I didn’t want to hurt you or your partner in crime.  If you’d been men, the outcome would have been very different, I can assure you.”
“Sounds like sour grapes to me, Effie,” she said with a pitying expression.  “It’s sad when a man is so insecure he can’t admit to being beaten at his own game.  Coffee, Mr. Blackthorn?”
“No one’s been beaten,” he growled, “at least not yet, but there’s a good chance a couple of young ladies may yet get their bustles blistered.”
“Ah, resorting to threats is usually a man’s last alternative,” Effie said with fake sympathy as she patted his hand.  “I’ll have some coffee, Grace.”
“Listen you two; I’m trying to help you.”
“Help us what, Mr. Blackthorn?  Put five thousand dollars in your pocket?”

     Grace Wentworth and Effie Lane were cautiously optimistic when their dear friend Amelia decided to travel west to become the bride of a man she'd never met. Despite their misgivings they were stunned when Amelia wrote informing them she'd made a dreadful mistake in marrying Mr. Jordon.
     Determined to rescue her dear friend from the clutches of a scoundrel, Effie made plans to leave for Seattle immediately. Grace would follow when she could get away from the ever watchful eye of her mother. Everything changed when Grace was forced to accept the proposal of a cruel and violent man. Suddenly her mother's wrath could not compare with what she would face as Horace           Remington’s wife. Throwing all caution aside, she fled with Effie even knowing her mother would most likely hire a Pinkerton man to find her. However, she never expected to fall for him as they played a game of cat and mouse from Chicago to Seattle.
     For Jonah Blackthorn, apprehending a runaway socialite seemed like an easy assignment. Locating two young, inexperienced women would take him no time at all and the five thousand dollar reward offered by the frantic fiancĂ© would go a long way as Jonah had plans to leave the agency to begin a new chapter in his life.
     What he didn't plan on was being outwitted by the brats or the fact that Effie Lane wasn't relying on her wits alone to get them safely to Seattle. He also didn't expect to come to care for the redhead traveling with her gun-toting friend. When he finally caught up with them he was going to give Grace the spanking of a life time or kiss her senseless. Maybe both.

Buy Links:           Amazon        Barnes and Noble         Blushing Books

Author Bio:
     Best-selling author, Stevie MacFarlane, lives in Upstate New York with her husband of many years.  They have a huge, close-knit family and frequently host twenty-five or more guests for dinner on weekends and holidays.  She currently has 16 books out, including two very popular series, Sugar Babies and The O’Malley’s.  To explain her writing preference she used a quote from her Amazon Author’s Page.
     “All of my books are romances. I like a lot of conversation, a bit of humor, some fairly hot sex and spanking. If you're into whips and chains, these probably aren't for you. However, if you've ever watched a movie where the leading lady is being a perfect bitch and you feel like yelling at the leading man, "Oh my God, spank her you fool!" these might be right up your alley.”

You can find Stevie on:
Amazon Author’s Page
Twitter:  @steviemac1175

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Dad's Marital Advice? Buy Some Sex Gadgets - MacDermot's Bride

     Today I'm chatting with Keriann McKenna.  She and Stevie MacFarlane are the authors of MacDermot's Bride, Book 2 of the Fall River Ranch series.

Kallista:  Welcome, Keriann.   Now that Book 2 is out, when can we expect to see another Fall River Ranch installment?
Keriann:  Right now, I’m doing more editing than I am writing.  I do have Fall River Ranch Book 3 about half finished and I hope to release it some time in June.
     Lucky for us, that means we'll see it soon! In the meantime, here's a snippet from Book 2 for everyone.

“Dad, Annie did not have me thrown in jail.” 
“Well, then, how in hell did ye end up there?” his father demanded. “It’s a long story and…”
“It can’t be long; I’m growin’ older every minute we’re on this phone! Give me the condensed version, and make quick work of it. Trudy, bring me another drink. I swear, our lad is goin’ to be the death o’ me,” he whispered to his wife, while pacing and holding his chest, even though there was nothing wrong with his heart. “And Trudy, check my burial clothes in the bottom drawer and make sure everythin’ is in order.” “Conall, please sit down; your blood pressure is sky high.” She took his arm and tried to lead him to his favorite chair. “I can no sit down! How can ye expect me to be calm when our hopes are crumblin’ to dust asunder us?” The elder was bellowing again. “No, they are not, Dad. Please listen to me,” Mac begged. “You’re right. I was wrong to paddle Annie and leave her alone. I’m sorry I did that and I apologized to her the next morning.” “Then why did she leave your bed?” his father questioned. “Did ye no take care of her as a woman should be?” “That’s where I went wrong, Dad.” “Oh Laddie, ye bring more shame upon the name of MacDermot than I ever thought ye would. Is there somethin’ wrong with ye? Do ye need some of that Vegara…no, Vigita…whatever the hell it is?” Mac stifled a laugh. “No, there is nothing wrong with me. I was waiting for Annie to answer my question.” “And, just what question would that be?” his father inquired. “I asked her to consider living with me,” Mac replied. “What the hell is wrong with ye? Ye no ask a woman a question such as that. Ye sweep her into your arms, take her to bed, and answer it for her. Laddie, it’s no about flowers and candy these days; you have to get some of those battery operated gadgets.” MacDermot’s Bride As Mac fall deeper in love with Annie, his past haunts him. He failed to keep the woman he loved safe before and he vowed he’d never fail again. Annie’s fierce independent streak doesn't make it easy for him. She's created a life for herself, certain she can make it on her own. Filled with passion, suspense, and humor, their love story unfolds with twists and turns neither of them saw coming. Mac needs Annie, but will it be too late by the time she realizes she needs him too?
Keriann's Bio:
I’ve been writing for most of my life. My first love was music and lyrics and my first song was a dreadfully simple little tune about a boy I was madly in love with at fourteen. I’m certain I drove my grandmother to distraction as I wailed this boy’s name from the piano in the living room at every opportunity...romance was in my heart even at a young age.
Later in life I developed my craft as a poet and published work in anthologies. I still write poetry but am dipping my toes in the waters of romance, both sweet and steamy. I lived in Canada and the Midwest for several years before settling in the Seattle area with the love of my life. I now live in the foothills of the beautiful Rocky Mountains near my family; I’m retired from the counseling field although I still work crisis intervention two nights a week. I consult with and edit for other authors into the wee hours of the night, and I rescue senior dogs and give them a forever home.
Here's where you can find Keriann:

Twitter: @keriannmckenna