Friday, June 19, 2015

She's Been Bared and Bound - New Release Coming Soon!

                           Saturday Spankings
   Welcome to Saturday Spankings, where your favorite authors tease you with eight tantalizing sentences from one of their hottest scenes.
     Today I'm bringing you a sneak peek at my new work-in-progress coming soon from Stormy Night Publishing. Working title - Willing Captive.  It's so new we don't even have a cover yet!
     Cassandra hasn't had a boyfriend in a long time.  It's hard to meet a nice guy when you make your living interviewing criminals and then writing about them.  She's working on a new piece about an enforcer for the Mob who's about to enter the Witness Protection Program when he suddenly makes a break for it, dragging her along with him.  Now they're holed up all alone in a deserted cabin deep in the mountains.
     Zander turned off the water and scooped her into his arms.  He carried her to the bed, both of them naked and dripping wet, and laid her in the center on her back.  Grabbing the ropes he’d used last night to restrain her, he pulled her wrists over her head and tied them together, then fastened the other end of the rope around the center wooden spindle in the headboard.
     He grabbed her ankles one at a time and tied them to the end posts at the foot of the bed.  When he finished, he knelt between her legs, looking down at her with raw hunger in his eyes. 

     “I’ve wanted to do this since the moment you walked into that room in Atlanta.  You were all business on the outside - except for those fuck-me shoes you had on.  One look at them and I knew you were begging for someone to take over and fuck you like you’ve always wanted to be fucked.” 
     I'll be posting the cover soon.  In the meantime, hop on and get another spanking!


  1. An enforcer for the mob. Wow, talking about getting in over your head. Although from your snippet it would appear Zander is a bad sort of guy to be around. I mean he did let her take a shower with him. Looking forward to reading more.

  2. It's those darn fuck-me shoes, they'll get you in trouble every time.

  3. Ohh!! Hot snippet Kallista! I wonder how he'll torture her once the ropes are tied.

  4. Yikes, I hope she is enjoying being tied to that bed!