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Thursday, April 21, 2016

Maddie and Morganna Tell Us How To Master Mariah

I just got back from a fun week at the Romantic Times 2016 convention in Las Vegas and guess what? My friends Maddie Taylor and Morganna Williams stopped by to welcome me home. They brought along a steamy peek at their new romance Mastering Mariah.

     Gracie chewed her lip as she looked at the clock outside the clinic door; it was well after three. She’d arrived ten minutes early and been pacing ever since. She didn’t think she could go through with it. He didn’t understand, she knew that, but how could she admit that the thought of ever having another Pap smear, of being helpless, with her feet up in the stirrups, and vulnerable to a doctor sent a cold shudder straight through to her spine.
     She couldn’t do it. Never again.
     Gracie spun on her heel and ran down the hallway as quickly as she could in the opposite direction. She yelped when she slammed into a hard chest and fell on her backside at the man’s feet.
     “What’s your hurry, little one?” Byron asked with an unusually soft quality in his voice as he lifted Gracie to her feet.
    “I believe she’s running from me,” a cool, familiar voice drawled from behind her. It made her pulse race as she jumped again, twisting in the chef’s arms to face Grayson in genuine alarm.
     “I wasn’t running, I… uh…” She snapped her mouth shut, feeling like an idiot while unable to stop the awkward stammering.
     “You were running in the opposite direction from my office, were you not?” he asked, his brilliant blue eyes keenly observant beneath his arched brows.
     Byron chuckled low as Grayson drew near. Caught between these two powerful doms, she had little choice but to accept her defeat. Her shoulders slumped as she uttered just shy of a whisper, “Yes, sir.”
      She squealed when Grayson leaned down and tossed her easily over one broad shoulder.
     “What are you doing?” she cried out in alarm as her world turned upside down.
     “You lost the privilege of getting to my office under your own steam,” he informed her.
     “You can’t! I won’t. I refuse to allow this!” Gracie yelled in a panic, changing into a whirling dervish as he struggled to keep her squirming, kicking form in place.
     One hard slap landed on her left buttock. She froze, the sting making her realize just what kind of position she was likely putting herself in. “Doc, please, we really need to talk about this…”
     He didn’t respond, nor did he slow his determined step until he opened his office door, ducked down—thoughtfully keeping her from smacking her head on the door jamb—then sailed through, closing it with a thud behind them.
     “We will talk about it, Gracie. Right after your spanking.”
     She found herself set down on her feet in front of him as he hooked an armless chair with one foot and pulled it to him before taking a seat. Grayson kept a firm hold on her arm as he looked up at her, so tall when sitting he didn’t have to look far. She swallowed, feeling flustered by his steady regard. “Um, I have a very good reason for feeling so strongly about this and—”
     “And I want to hear it, but you are not going to get away with behaving this way.” With that said, he proceeded to pull her down over his lap and work her skirt up over her hips.
     “Please, I’m sorry. I got scared and…” Her breathless rush of words tapered off, short of a real explanation. She wasn’t quite ready for that.
     His big, warm hand rested on her lacy panties. “Am I an unreasonable man, Gracie?”
     “No, Gray, it’s just…”
     He gave her a little pat. “As much as I enjoy hearing my name on your sweet lips, when you’re across my knees and about to be punished, I think sir would be more appropriate,” he said firmly.
     “Yes, sir,” she answered softly before addressing his original question, “and I think you’re a very reasonable man, usually.”
     “Do I frighten you?”
     “No, sir,” Gracie replied quickly.
     “Then you should have come to me to discuss your fears rather than running away like a scared little girl.” It was a reasonable request.
     “I know. It’s only that… well, I didn’t want to talk about it,” she admitted miserably.
     “I’m afraid you are going to have to talk about it, young lady, but after,” was his adamant reply as he hooked her panties in his fingers and pulled them down to her knees.
     “I’m sorry, sir,” she murmured quietly.
     “I know you are, baby. We’ll get this taken care of and start over with a clean slate.” Grayson waited no longer and brought his hand down hard on her left sit spot.
     She expelled the air from her lungs in a rush as his broad palm fell again in the exact same place.      “Oooh…” she whimpered as it fell again three more times—fast, one right on top of the other—then he moved to the other side.
     “Oh, sir! Not in the same place! Owww!” Gracie yelped as the blows continued to fall on her vulnerable posterior.
     “Are you ready to talk to me about what the problem is, young lady?” He briefly halted, his hand coming to rest with fingers splayed wide across her hot bottom as he awaited her reply.
     “No!” she snapped, sticking her chin out stubbornly, foolishly, and without the slightest inclination for self-preservation, then clenching her teeth against a new barrage of swats. This round turned out to be much worse, biting more sharply and with searing heat such that she gasped in dismay as she looked frantically over her shoulder to see why. That was when she saw the thin leather paddle he held in his more than capable hand.
     “I think my little persuader will help loosen your tongue,” he predicted as he continued to spank her with quick, crisp swats, leaving not one part of her bottom untouched. After covering every inch of her quivering backside, he again began to apply several in a row, hitting the same target repeatedly as he took aim at each of her sit spots.
     Gracie finally collapsed over his knee, submitting to the punishment and sobbing openly.
     That’s when he stopped and lifted her to straddle his lap facing him. As the wet heat of her sex came in contact with his pants, she emitted a small grunt of gratification.
     “Are you ready to talk to me now?”

Mastering Mariah
     Though Dimitri De Luca is everything she could want in a man and in a master, the scars of Mariah Charmant’s past keep her from surrendering fully to his dominance and embracing the lifestyle she has always craved. Yet as her trust in Dimitri grows, so does the pleasure she experiences beneath his skillful hand, and Mariah soon finds herself submitting to him in ways she had promised herself she would never submit to a man again.
     Her own romance is far from the only one on Mariah’s mind, however. As head of guest relations at the high-end BDSM-themed resort Dimitri owns and operates, she works hard to ensure that the kinky needs of the guests are satisfied, even if that means playing matchmaker from time to time. But when she goes behind Dimitri’s back to set the resort’s world-renowned chef up with a feisty little submissive who is just perfect for him, she ends up earning a thorough chastisement from the man who is both her boss and her master.
     Mariah does her best to help each guest live out their perfect fantasy while keeping her own meddling behind from being draped over Dimitri’s lap too often, but her efforts are interrupted when trouble rears its ugly head in Pleasure Bay. With the threat of a violent tropical storm and a dangerous individual from Mariah’s past both looming, can Dimitri battle man and nature to rescue the woman he loves before it’s too late? And if he brings her home safe will Mariah at last be ready to belong to him completely?

Publisher’s Note: Mastering Mariah is the sequel to Dimitri’s Desire. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, elements of medical play, and extensive BDSM content. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Punished By the Sheriff

Happy New Year, everyone!  This is my first post here, so be gentle - I'm a WIP IT UP virgin. (Blushes)

My newest release, an Old West spanking romance, will be out this weekend but right now I don't even have a firm title.  So I'm calling it Punished By the Sheriff.

Liza Mae Danvers is a charming con artist who makes her living at the poker table, fleecing gullible cowboys of their hard-earned wages. When one of her marks catches her cheating, two others rush to her defense, causing an all-out saloon brawl.

Here's what happens when Sheriff Hugh Blackthorne takes the lovely Liza into his custody for interrogation -

Blackthorne looked down at the woman in his arms, cursing himself for a fool.  She leaned against his broad shoulders, allowing him to cuddle her.  Soft tendrils of golden hair curled around her face, escaped from the perfectly arranged chignon she’d worn when he first laid eyes on her.  She looked soft.  Sweet.  Vulnerable.  A far cry from the defiant, slightly tipsy woman he’d dragged into this office a short time ago.

What was it about that streak of defiance that egged him on, made him vow to conquer it?  She definitely awakened all his masculine instincts, not just the one between his legs.  The need to control, to show his dominance.  Yet at the same time, he felt protective.  There was no doubt about the fact that if a man had stolen that watch, he’d have been locked up in Canyon Diablo’s jail right now.  Instead he had taken the thief in his arms.
Blackthorne sighed.  He’d allowed his cock to overrule his judgment.  He knew he should have locked her up and walked away.  Gone upstairs and thrown himself on the bed with a pillow over his head to drown out the shrieks of rage she’d no doubt have uttered.  Spanking her had been the furthest thing from his mind at first.  But she went on digging herself deeper with her lies until he snapped. 

He’d only meant to shock her, scare her a little.  Show her that getting drunk and cheating at cards was a dangerous business.  Treat her the way he’d treat a young girl who’d been caught doing something naughty.  But that creamy white ass turning a rosy red as it wiggled on his lap, the hot little mound covered with golden brown curls grinding against his cock…Blackthorn stifled a groan.  Even now, after fucking her until they were both drenched in sweat, he felt himself stiffening again at the memory.

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Love Is Hotter the Second Time Around! Realizing Her Dream

  Today I'm featuring a spicy spanking romance, Realizing Her Dream.  It's a joint venture by veteran spanking author Maggie Ryan and first-time author (but long-time spanking romance fan and  reviewer!) Laurel Jane.

    "Put your hands above your head," Paul ordered, his words causing his warm breath to waft over her sensitive flesh. "Keep them there. I wish to feast on my dessert without your interference." 
     Once her hands were clasping the railing of the headboard, he lowered his mouth to her sex, his tongue nudging her outer lips open until he was able to press between the delicate pink petals of her inner lips to sink into her heat. He was rewarded with a gush of her cream, which he slowly and languidly lapped up.
     "Delicious," he said as he smacked his lips, his eyes finding hers. "You taste like honey." 
     She quivered in his hands as he lowered his mouth again to suckle, nip and then bite at her skin until she was pressing her hips up, begging for more.
     "Come for me, Casey. I want you to fill my mouth with your sweet cream." His words ended as he drew her clit into his mouth, pressing the throbbing bud against the roof of his mouth as his tongue lashed it and two thick fingers drove into her pussy. Within a few strokes, she was tensing, her muscles clenched in preparation of exploding. When he bit down hard, he drove her over the cliff and her hands flew off the rails to hold his head to her as she convulsed again and again, his tongue and teeth never letting go until she was attempting to push his head away.
     "Naughty," he said after finally releasing her clit. He moved to sit back on his heels and pulled her legs back together before pushing them up to expose her bottom. The diaper position gave him absolute control as he held her ankles in one hand, and used the other to spank the taut skin of her upper thighs before moving to the plump globes of her ass. His hand was hard as he swatted her bottom until she was bucking for another reason.

Realizing Her Dream
When Casey Reeves loses her husband to an unexpected heart attack, she gives herself a new mantra: To live life as if it were an amazing adventure, as every single day matters.
Unfortunately, one of the things on her bucket list looks far better on paper, and when Casey finds herself up in a plane, strapped to a tall, handsome man, about to undertake her very first parachute jump, she realizes that she'd do just about anything to be able to back out.

Paul Jackson has been a parachute instructor ever since he retired early, and has seen his fair share of terrified women, but when Casey hysterically promises to do anything he asks in return for being able to return to solid ground safely—even let him spank her—he's amused, and not a little intrigued. He's also more than willing to accept her bargain.

Casey finds herself taking a leap of faith—in more ways than one. The two begin their journey together, spending some time on a luxurious yacht, in a tropical rainforest and even in a ranch in outback Australia, as they work their way through her list.

What they discover is that life has a tendency not to follow carefully designed plans. With Paul beside her, Casey quickly learns that living every day to its fullest entails far more than she’d ever imagined. And by her side throughout the action, danger and laughter is a man who not only has no hesitation in reddening her bottom when she deserves it, but can send her soaring into ecstasy with a single look or a touch of his hand.

Finding a new love to equal—or even exceed—her old one was not even on Casey's bucket list but now that she has, can they make it work? Is Paul really the man of her dreams?

Best-selling author Maggie Ryan and newcomer Laurel Jane have put their heads and their pens together to come up with this, an exciting tale of romance, lust, love, spanking and adventure. If the subject of domestic discipline or explicit erotica offends you, please do not read this book.

                                 Blushing Books       Amazon        Barnes and Noble

Visit Maggie Ryan’s Blog            
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And on Twitter: Maggie and Laurel

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

It's a Hot FBI Thriller - Burning Desire By Ravyn Rayne

    Ravyn Rayne is joining me today with her erotic thriller Burning Desire.  Rayvn, what made you drawn toward writing about crime thrillers and romance?
Ravyn:  I used to love the show Without a Trace. I also enjoyed Fringe and The X-Files. I thought it'd be fun to write an FBI centered series that focuses on different cases while also heating the stories up.
     She's brought along a little teaser for us:  
     I feel a hand in my hair, brushing a soft strand away and I roll into his touch, wanting more. 
     "Joel?" I whisper with shut eyes and a smile. When did he get home? I feel coarse rough hands slide down my neck and my stomach tenses. Something feels off. Joel's hands are smooth.

      My eyes flash open, seeing an unfamiliar short chubby male figure looming over me. His breath smells like rancid milk. The room is dark from the sun setting and the lights off, but I can still make out enough features for a lineup.

     His hands forcefully pin mine above my head, giving me no time to try and retrieve my gun across the room. I need to fight back. My eyes widen as my adrenaline kicks in.

     "Where's the baby?"

Burning Desire
     Saving people is FBI Agent Kaitlyn Rivers drug of choice. That’s not the only thing she loves about her job. The sexual tension is mounting between Kaitlyn and her alpha boss, Agent Joel Connor.
     Assigned into an undercover operation to stop a serial child abductor with the pathetic Cole Sommers, Kaitlyn is silently thrilled when Cole is forced off the case and Joel steps in.
     Intense romance, steamy sex scenes, and a nail-gripping case that will attract fans of crime dramas and thrillers. This action-packed erotica is sure to leave you pleased three times over!

                                   Amazon       Barnes & Noble        Blushing Books

About the Author
     Ravyn is a sassy, fun-loving, and adventure-seeking young woman. She loves to travel and can’t wait for her next vacation, wherever it might be.
     Ravyn writes romantic erotica. She began writing romance novels in college, spending her down time either reading a book or writing fiction. Please don’t make her choose between the two, she loves them equally.
     Although BURNING DESIRE is her debut romantic erotica novel, it is not her first published book. She has been published professionally since 2013. You can find her other books here.

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Friday, June 26, 2015

New Release! Taken and Tamed

                       Saturday Spankings
     It's getting hot - and I don't mean outside!  This week on Saturday Spankings I'm previewing my newest contemporary erotic romance Taken and Tamed, coming out this weekend on Amazon.

     True crime author Cass Newcombe has interviewed everyone from white collar criminals to serial killers on death row.  But when she interrupts a breakout in progress and is taken hostage by former mob enforcer Zander Coleman, she finds herself in way over her head with this bad boy.
      Here's my eight sentence teaser:
“I do a lot of research, Mr. Coleman.  I’ve learned how to appeal to ‘your average horny psychopath.’  But you’re not like them.  That’s clear.”  She lowered her voice too, forced a note of warmth into it, trying to establish herself as an ally, not a victim.  “I’d like to know you better.”

His response sent a shiver down her back.  “You’re right.  I’m not like the others you’ve interviewed.  I’m an ‘above average’ horny psychopath.  And since I’m stuck with you for the time being, I’m planning to find out just how naughty Daddy’s little girl can be.”

Taken and Tamed
As an author of true-crime novels, Cass Newcombe has visited supermax prisons, interviewed hit men, and explored the minds of serial killers. But none of that could have prepared her for Zander Coleman. Within moments of meeting Cass, the devastatingly handsome former mob enforcer has broken through her professional persona in a way few men ever have before, leaving her heart racing and her mind filled with images of her naked, bound, and at his mercy.

To her shock, Cass’s interview with Zander has barely ended when she suddenly becomes an unwilling participant in a prison break. After using her as a hostage to make his getaway, Zander heads for a secluded cabin deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains with Cass along for the ride. Despite his promise to release her once the search for him has died down, Cass is determined to make a run for it sooner rather than later.

But Zander is not a man to be outwitted easily, and after a failed attempt at escape she ends up thrown over his shoulder and dragged unceremoniously back to the cabin. Stripped bare and held over his lap for a long, hard spanking which leaves her sobbing and promising obedience, Cass has never felt so humiliated in her life. Yet when the punishment ends at last and Zander tosses her on a bed and takes her long and hard, Cass finds herself not only submitting willingly but actually yearning for more.

Though Zander knows it’s only a matter of time before they’re tracked down, he cannot deny that he is beginning to feel more than just a powerful lust for his sexy captive. But he has a secret he doesn’t dare share with Cass… one that could easily cost them both their lives.

Publisher’s Note: Taken and Tamed is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.
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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Spank That Pussy...Cat Kinky Darling Adams Is Punishing Portia

     I'm thrilled to have the darling Darling Adams ( aka Renee Rose) with me today.  She's here to tell us about her hot new release Punishing Portia.  Oooh, even the title gets me hot!
     Can we have a little peek, Darling?

Displaying Punishing Portia.jpg“Hello Janice. I’d like to see what sort of options you have for pet-wear.”
Janice gave her an appreciative up and down sweep of her eyes, which made Portia blush.
“Any preference on which type of pet?”
“Not a pony. Something dog or cat-like, please.” When she walked away, David pinched one stiffened nipple. “You like being admired by another woman, don’t you?” he murmured in her ear.
Her cheeks grew warmer and she dropped her eyes, shaking her head.
He slapped her ass. “Don’t lie.”
Janice returned with her hands full of boxes, which she set down on the floor and began to open. She produced half-sweaters with matching booties for the little chihuahua types, and the shortest ruffled skirts ever made.
David began to look through them. “Let’s see this one,” he said, holding up a shiny black latex catsuit--just the kind she’d been imagining when she gave the name “Kitty.”
Janice helped her into it, cinching the back and clamping it the way the wedding dress fitters do to make a larger size fit a smaller woman. The pants fit perfectly, hugging her every curve.
Janice lifted a hood, but David cut her short. “No hood. I like to grab hair.”
“Little ears?”
“No. She’s perfect just like this,” he said, lifting his hand and bringing it down with a resounding smack against the shiny latex glued to her bum. “Mm, I like the way that sounds,” he said. He smacked her again and again, each time using enough force to lift her to her toes. The latex took a little of the sting away, so only a delicious warmth grew in the places he slapped. He wrapped an arm around her waist to stabilize her and continued with the loud spanking, attracting giggles and looks from other Castle guests. “Your ass is in this catsuit,” he said, delivering searing blows with each word.
She moaned.
“You like that, don’t you?” he asked, still spanking away.
Oh yeah. She definitely liked it. Her pussy wept with need.
He stopped and gripped her ass with firm fingers, while the other hand snaked in front to push the hard seam of the pants against her swelling genitals.
She gave a cry of pleasure, covering his hand with her own and pushing her fingers against his.

“Sorry, Kitty,” he whispered against her ear. “You’ll have to earn that pleasure.”

Punishing Portia by Darling Adams (Renee Rose)
When well-known chef and restaurateur David Marone recognizes the food critic who just lambasted him in a review on the charity auction block, he bids an inordinate amount to keep her as his slave for three nights. He remembers the haughty foodie from culinary school seventeen years earlier, and relishes the idea of getting even with her for her mean-spirited review.

Portia Sands hopes the dark and gorgeous Chicago chef who won the bid for her at the Castle charity auction doesn’t know her real identity as the food critic who tore him apart in a review the week before. She finds he hasn’t changed since culinary school--still arrogant, over-confident and domineering. Unfortunately, he has the same effect on her now as he did then: reducing her to a trembling mass of jello.

When he pushes her to her limits, placing her in a cage like a pet, she discovers he knows who she is, and means to exact revenge. She considers calling the Castle safeword to end their time together, but some part of her won’t allow it. Somehow she must survive three nights as his slave and keep her heart in the process.

Buy Links: Amazon

When the Gavel Falls box set (save 50%!)

Displaying Renee.jpgRenee Rose / Darling Adams is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink. She can be found on:

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Another Conquered Bride Gets Spanked - Conquering Lady Claire

     Today I have the pleasure of featuring Conquering Lady Claire by Sue Lyndon.  It's one of the titles from The Conquered Brides, a five-book collection featuring brand-new titles from five top erotic romance authors.
     When the castle they called home is besieged and ultimately falls, five women are captured and carried off as wives by their foes. Will they be treated as no more than the spoils of war, or can their new lords prove themselves worthy of the love and submission of their conquered brides?

Displaying conqueredbrides_full.jpg

Conquering Lady Claire

As Hohenzollern Castle falls, mayhem unfolds around Lady Claire, and her only aim is to lead as many women and children of the castle to safety as possible. In an odd turn of fortune, her courageous efforts ultimately lead to her capture by none other than Lord Galien of Minrova, the very man that her brother, a powerful duke, recently commanded to find her and claim her as his wife.
Claire’s defiance is quickly overcome by means of a firm hand applied to her bare bottom, but Galien is not content merely going through the motions of a political marriage. His skilled lovemaking soon leaves his new bride begging for more, but can he conquer her heart as well?

Here's a little peek:
     The last vestige of her control slipped and she pushed out of his grasp, then shoved at him with all her strength. She stood, utterly stunned, as he wobbled and almost fell backward on the bed. Panic swirled within her when he righted himself and pinned her with a livid glare. Her mind screamed for her to turn and run away, to try to rush out the door, but her legs became rooted to the floor. When he finally spoke, the quiet anger in his voice washed through her like a rush of cold water.
     “Lady Claire, I have just lost my patience with you. Now, I want you to go stand in the corner over there. Put your nose to the wall and do not turn around until I beckon you.”
     She gulped and stared at the corner he’d nodded at. “Th-the corner? Why?”
     “Because I intend to spank your naughty bottom, that’s why. I have given you plenty of opportunity to conduct yourself properly, my lady, but you have crossed the line. I have no doubt a sore bottom will help ensure your good behavior for the duration of our trip to Minrova, or for the rest of the day at least.”

About the author:
     Sue Lyndon is a multi-published author of erotic BDSM romance and spanking romances. She
enjoys a good book in any genre, loves Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica, and runs on coffee and chocolate.
     Here's where you can hook up with Sue:
                           Webpage      Facebook    Twitter     Goodreads       Amazon

Other books in this set:

Commanding the Princess by Korey Mae Johnson
     As the ruler of Hohenzollern Castle in name only, Susanna has watched helplessly for years as her power-hungry uncle made one enemy after another for her. One enemy stands out, and the moment she catches sight of him, Princess Susanna is certain that it will be Gerhard of Bavaria who brings her world down around her. As his army smashes through her gates, Susanna makes the only choice she has left. She surrenders herself to Gerhard, hoping to win mercy for her people, though she fears it will come at the cost of her life.    
     But she soon learns that Gerhard has other plans for her, plans which may end with her surrendering much more than just her castle to him.

The Knight’s Seduction by Renee Rose
     Avowed to never again yield to a man’s ill-treatment, Lady Daisy stands ready to fight to the death when her castle is sacked. The imposing knight Sir Barrett has other ideas, however, and to her dismay, Daisy soon finds herself not only disarmed, but soundly spanked as well. Sir Barrett takes her as his captive bride, but when she shows real terror at the prospect of consummating their marriage, he offers her a bargain. She will offer her body to him and accept the pleasurable torments he inflicts, but he will not claim her fully until she aches for it so badly she begs him.
     Certain she will do no such thing, Daisy agrees, but can she resist the knight's seduction?

The Widow Is Mine by Ashe Barker
     Since her husband’s untimely passing, Lady Natalia has resigned herself to a quiet life as a young widow and perhaps one day as a nun. But when her adopted home is conquered by the enemy, her world is turned upside down. After he rescues her from the chaos of Hohenzollern’s fall, Duke Stefan of Richtenholst cannot imagine allowing Natalia to languish behind the walls of a convent. The duke takes Natalia home as his wife, and he quickly proves himself ready to compel her obedience when it is necessary, but can he ever truly make her his own?

Kidnapped and Claimed by Dinah McLeod
     When her husband’s repeated infidelities and drunken insults become too much to bear, Lady Cecily flees to her childhood home at Hohenzollern, but things quickly go from bad to worse and she is kidnapped from the castle stables only moments after her arrival. Cecily ignores her abductor’s warnings of ruin about to befall Hohenzollern and his claim that he took her from the castle only to keep her safe. She resists him every step of the way, until at last he spanks her long and hard. Despite his firm chastisement, it soon becomes clear to Cecily that her captor cares for her in a way her husband never did. But can she forgive him for stealing her from her home?

Publisher’s Note: The Conquered Brides contains spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

           Box Set Buy Links:   Amazon      Amazon UK     Barnes & Noble,      ARe

Want to read the hottest new spanking romances? My fellow authors and I are each hosting a different author this week:


Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Hot Spankings, Rayanna Jameson and Corbin's Bend -Together They're A Perfect Partnership

I'm thrilled to have Rayanna Jameson with me today to talk about her latest spanking romance A Perfect Partnership, part of the wildly popular Corbin's Bend series.  For those of you who haven't had the pleasure of visiting there, Corbin's Bend is an exclusive Colorado community dedicated to the DD lifestyle. For now, it exists only in the pages of the Corbin's Bend books.  But maybe some day...

Rayanna, can you tell us a little about your new release?
A Perfect Partnership is the second to the last book in the second season of Corbin's Bend. It takes a background character from my second Love Multiplied book, and plunks him down in Corbin's Bend. It was a lot of fun exploring how DD was practiced differently between the two communities.

Displaying perfectpartnershipcover-rj.jpg
Josiah Jefferson left the polygamist community he grew up in to make a new home in Corbin's Bend. He wanted to find the one  woman he could love and spank for the rest of his life. When a summer storm blows beautiful Lannea Paulsen into his life, he sees it as fate and never looks back.
Lannea Paulsen, better known as Laney to everyone but the stubborn Josiah, has had two goals since she moved to Corbin's Bend last year. Save enough money to buy half of The Ginger Paddle, the sushi restaurant she runs with her cousin, and find a strong dominant man who is willing and ready to take her in hand in every way possible.
When Laney puts the business in jeopardy, Josiah comes to the rescue. One thing leads to another and they find themselves in a tumultuous platonic  DD relationship. Sparks fly  as they both refuse to admit the depth of their true feelings. Will they settle for less than they desire or will they chase after everything they have ever wanted?

Here's a little peek -
Excuse me, Ma’am, Miss?” Josiah saw his opening, and took it. “Is everything okay? I couldn’t help but notice that you seem rather upset.” He crossed to the bottom of the steps in two long strides and peered up at her.
“I’m fine!” she cried, refusing to look at him.
He raised his eyebrows, contemplating his next step. These rumors he had always heard about redheads having the worst tempers, were undoubtedly true, if he counted tonight’s events as evidence. She was the second redhead tonight to yell at him in the span of twenty minutes, regardless of the fact that he was a perfect stranger and a cop to boot! And all he had done was offer his assistance! He chuckled to himself. Truth be told, he wasn’t turned off by her apparent attitude. To the contrary. This woman needed a spanking in the worst way, and somehow, someday, he vowed that he would be the one to give it to her.
“Okay, then, if you’re fine, I’ll be on my way,” he said cheerfully, spinning on his heel, and turning in the direction of his cop car.
“No-Wait!” He could hear her sigh in frustration over having to ask him for help.
“Yes?” He questioned, with a smirk over his shoulder at her, still heading towards his car.
“Hey! You asked if you could help! I said yes! Why are you getting in your car?” She ran down the steps to catch up with him, just as he opened the driver’s side door and got in. “You’re really something- you know that? You ask if I need help, and then, you get in your car and leave! Fine! Whatever! I don’t need your help anyway! Just go-you-you big jerk!”
She attempted to slam his door shut, but Josiah grabbed her wrist, amused at her little rant. She was seriously close to seeing the error of her ways.
“One- I asked if you needed help, and you declined my help. In fact, not only did you refuse me, but you yelled at me, which might I add, is incredibly rude to do to anyone who offers you help, but especially to someone you just met.”
“Let go of me!” Laney yelled, attempting to break away from his grasp. “It’s also incredibly rude to grab onto people you just met! Let go, now you big oaf! Or- Or- I’ll call the cops!”
Josiah quirked his brow at her. “I am the cops,” he told her evenly. “Did you not notice my spiffy blue uniform or this fancy white car with lights on top?” He couldn’t hide the amusement in his voice as Laney stood there sputtering. She had no response for that one, so he continued. “Number two- I’m not stupid. It’s obvious, even to a big jerk like me, that you left your keys somewhere. I’m guessing in your car, which judging by the fact that you came home in a cab, and you’re a little bit tipsy, is at a bar somewhere. Now, my shift is rather quiet tonight, so, I’m offering you a ride to get your keys. Now, get in the car. Unless of course, you want to wait for your cousin to get home, from her restaurant which someone apparently forgot to lock up properly tonight, causing the doors to blow open in the storm, causing a cop to come knocking on their door at eleven o ‘clock at night, just in time to see your cousin in the corner with a very red bottom. In case you can’t guess, she’s more than a little mad at you, and she should be pulling in any moment. So, unless you’d really like to be here for that shit-storm, I suggest you get in the car.”

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Friday, March 6, 2015

Renee Rose's Hot Knight for a Cold Night - The Conquered Brides Collection

Here's a treat for all of us!  Renee Rose is joining me today with her just-released erotic romance The Knight's Seduction, part of a hot new box set featuring five top spanking story authors.

Kallista, thank you so much for having me here today!  I was lucky to be part of a new medieval spanking romance box set with authors Sue Lyndon, Ashe Barker, Korey Mae Johnson and Dinah McLeod.  

All the stories begin with the sacking of Hohenzollern Castle, when the heroines of the books are carried off by the conquering knights.  My story follows Lady Daisy, a young woman who suffered a terrible fate when her castle had been sacked years ago, and now is terrified to be with a man. Her new husband, has a very coaxing, yet still dominant way with her.  They strike a bargain--she must give her body over to his seduction and he will not consummate the marriage until she begs him for it. Certain she will never do such a thing, she agrees. 
Here’s a scene with the two of them:

She turned her face away. She would go hungry before she let him feed her again.
“Do you want that spanking here, Daisy?”
Her bottom automatically clenched at the word spanking, and hot tingles crawled across her cheeks as if he had already delivered a few stinging blows. Maddeningly, a drip of moisture caressed her folds, dampening her skirt below. Dearest Virgin, what if it soaked through her skirts and he felt it on his thigh? She tried to shift, but he held her too close to move.
Why did he have this effect on her? She’d become all quivery, her body trembling, her breath short. She would never forgive him if he spanked her in public. His ability to stir such responses angered her further. She pressed her lips together to keep from snapping that she hated him.
He lifted the bowl again.
She had no choice but to drink from it.
“Good girl,” he said.
Her sex pulsed. She watched the bowl approach, as if in slow motion. Her rational self tried to stop the impulse, but it was too late. She shocked them both by sinking her teeth into the meat of his thumb, cutting through skin and tasting blood. She released it as quickly as her jaws had snapped, and looked at him in horror, knowing she’d just gone too far.
He had jerked in surprise, slopping porridge down the front of her dress, but strangely, he made no sound—no roar of surprise, nor angry tirade.
She waited, trembling like a leaf, for him to upend her in front of the entire castle and give her the promised public spanking. Had that been her goal? Impossible—it was too horrible to even contemplate. And yet, if not, why had she baited the bear, so to speak? 

The Conquered Brides Collection
When the castle they called home is besieged and ultimately falls, five women are captured and carried off as wives by their foes. Will they be treated as no more than the spoils of war, or can their new lords prove themselves worthy of the love and submission of their conquered brides?

The Conquered Brides is a five-book collection featuring brand-new titles from five top erotic romance authors.

The Knight’s Seduction by Renee Rose
Avowed to never again yield to a man’s ill-treatment, Lady Daisy stands ready to fight to the death when her castle is sacked. The imposing knight Sir Barrett has other ideas, however, and to her dismay, Daisy soon finds herself not only disarmed, but soundly spanked as well. Sir Barrett takes her as his captive bride, but when she shows real terror at the prospect of consummating their marriage, he offers her a bargain. She will offer her body to him and accept the pleasurable torments he inflicts, but he will not claim her fully until she aches for it so badly she begs him. Certain she will do no such thing, Daisy agrees, but can she resist the knight's seduction?

Publisher’s Note: The Conquered Brides contains spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

Renee Rose is a naughty author and kinkster who loves writing about hot alpha males, Dominance/submission and power exchanges. Named Eroticon USA's Next Top Erotic Author in 2013, her books are all centered around kink. She can be found on:

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Captured and Examined - Red Hot Author's Cafe Presents the Cold Nights Hot Reads Blog Tour

It's definitely going to be a COLD night across most of America tonight.  Lucky for you, we've gotten together the steamiest authors around for a blog hop that will keep you HOT all weekend!  Be sure to register for the $125 Rafflecopter prize, along with a $10 Amazon gift card you can win from me just for leaving a comment at the end of this post.

I'm kicking it off with a sweaty scene from Captured and Examined, my new erotic romance, a blend of science fiction, adventure and time travel with lots of spanking and even some hot medical play.  It's been on Amazon's Top 100 list for almost two months now.

In this scene, Tess O'Rourke, who has unwittingly been transported from 1826 to the present day, is on the run from her captors, guarded by NATO Special Forces Commander Connall Quinn.

He's just rescued her from a room full of scientists who were performing a series of humiliating medical tests on her.

Quinn grabbed her and spread her out on the bed.  His hands were everywhere at once, caressing her, stroking, teasing.  When he slid one finger easily into her tight opening, she was shocked at how wet her pussy was, how quickly her body responded to him.  

He kissed his way along her stomach and belly until his mouth fastened on that secret spot that drove her wild with desire.  Tess moaned as he licked her clit, opening her legs wide and thrusting her hips up into his face.  He got on his knees, grabbing her ass with both hands to lift her off the bed as he slid his tongue into her pussy.
            Tess whimpered, writhing around.  “Will you - will you do…”  Her voice trailed off.
            Quinn lifted his head.  “What would you like me to do?”
            “’Tis wicked it is,” she answered.  Suddenly shy, she wouldn’t meet his eyes.   “Wicked and naughty.”
            His eyes gleamed.  “I like it already.  Tell me what you want, sweet Tess.  Tell me and I’ll do it.”
            “Those men.  The doctors.  They put their fingers and…and things…into my bottom hole.  I was embarrassed.  It frightened me and it hurt at first.  But when they kept on, it made me quiver deep inside, like it does when you put your fingers and your tongue and your stiff rod into my pussy.  I didn’t want them to do it.  I couldn’t stop them.  But ever since I can’t get the feeling of it out of my mind.  I’ve been thinking, wondering, imagining how it would be if you…did that…to me.  The way you do all the other things.  Kissing me, fondling me while you do it.  Making me wild, making me want more and more.”
            “Will you…” she hesitated, as though gathering her courage, and went on.  “Will you touch me there, so that ever after I’ll have memories of you to banish the memories of them?”
            “You want me to play with your ass?”  His voice was low.  “Ask me, Tess.  Say it.  It’s not wicked…but you’re right.  It is naughty.” 
            She froze, then heard his low chuckle and realized he was teasing her. 
            “Please, Quinn, will you do it?  There?”
            “Where?  Tell me where you want me to pleasure you.  Tell me – or I’ll have to spank it out of you.”
            His voice had taken on a stern tone that sent a thrill through her whole body.
            “Please, Quinn, will you put your finger…in my ass?”
            The words had barely left her lips when she felt herself being flipped over onto her stomach.  Quinn draped himself over her body, pinning her down.  His mouth began nibbling on her neck, just below her ear.  The spot was so sensitive she didn’t think she could bear it.  She gasped and wiggled around.  He shifted, moving lower.  She shivered as his tongue traced a leisurely path down her spine, igniting a fire everywhere it touched. 
When his mouth reached the cleft between her bottom cheeks, she began struggling underneath him.
“No, stop.  Please.  I’ve changed my mind.  ‘Tis shameful and indecent.”

“Too late.  Now you’ve got me wanting this.  Lay there, Tess.  Don’t you dare move.  You’re going to get what you asked for.”


When her father tries to force her to marry fat, old, drunken Owen Leary to preserve the family lands, Tess O’Rourke runs away from home. She gets lost on the heath in the midst of a ferocious storm and loses consciousness, only to awaken in a cave, naked and shivering, staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger. To her dismay, the man questions her in an unfamiliar language and then spanks her bare bottom when she tries to run away.

After computers all over Europe are hit with a crippling attack, Quinn, an ex-Navy SEAL now working for NATO’s cyber-terrorism squad, is dispatched to the Irish coastline in search of the problem’s source. It is there that he discovers a naked Irish lass hiding in a cave near an ancient stone outcropping.  After she attacks him and attempts to flee, he brings the defiant girl back to his headquarters with a well-spanked bottom. Once there, his medical team conducts a thorough examination, leaving his captive deeply humiliated and even more determined to escape.  Quinn has no intention of letting her go until he gets the truth, but Tess speaks only Gaelic and seems to know nothing of modern day life, and hard as it is for him to believe, over time Quinn becomes convinced that she has somehow been transported from the past.

With each passing day his feelings for the feisty redhead grow stronger, and when he discovers that his superiors plan to lock her up indefinitely and study her like a lab rat, Quinn risks everything to rescue her. But can he keep her safe long enough to unravel the mystery that brought her into his life?

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