About me

Currently I live in the mountains of North Carolina, where I've set some of my favorite stories.  I'm what the locals call a half-back.  That's someone who lived up north, moved to Florida, then came halfway back.  I'm kind of like Goldilocks - northern Michigan was too cold, Key Largo Florida was too hot, but this area is just right year round.

I  have kids who are horrified at the idea of reading any of my erotic romance novels.  Frankly, that's just as well.  I wouldn't be able to write some of the scenes I do if I thought my kids would be reading them.  I also have a good-natured black Lab and three cats, all strays that we rescued, who could care less what I write as long as they get fed on time.

Over the years, I've had a number of jobs including owning a restaurant, a food concession at Miami Arena, two real estate companies and working as an interior designer at Ocean Reef in the Keys.  That one was my favorite.  I got to decorate multi-million dollar homes using someone else's money!

I love playing in the garden, traveling, scuba diving, reading, and cooking.    

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