Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Welcome to Kallista's World

My name is Kallista.  Like my legendary ancestor Scherezade, I cannot dance or sing or play an instrument. I have but one talent - I am a weaver of words.

If you seek chronicles of maidenly virtue and innocent romance, go no further.

But if you yearn to be entertained with exotic escapades that will fill your Soul with passion, sensual tales of lustful desires, bold adventures where powerful males clash with impetuous, headstrong women, then join me as we explore the many dimensions of love and romance.

As for my story, I've been married to the love of my life for over 25 years and it just keeps getting better and better. We've been through great times and tough times, through nighttime feedings and teenage rebellions, through richer and poorer, just like in those vows.  Take it from me, richer doesn't always mean happier!

But through it all, we've kept the passion alive in our relationship.  I don't know how other couples do it, but as for me, I tell him stories - very naughty stories. Sometimes ( if I'm lucky!) my naughty fantasies earn me a spanking.  Other times, if the tale is really wicked, we may take it from fantasy to reality.  Those are the stories my husband likes best!

Some of the best scenes in my books are based on real experiences we've had.  But I won't confess all my secrets least not today.

What do I believe? 

I believe you can live happily ever after - most of the time.  Other times, life gets in the way, with all its messy crises.

I believe you can survive any crisis, if you trust in the Universe and look for the good in every person and situation.

I believe that choosing someone to spend your life with who is smart and funny and kind is more important than choosing someone who is rich and attractive.

I believe staying married is the hardest job there is.  Even harder than being a parent.  If you have kids, they'll be gone some day but you'll still be looking at each other over the breakfast table.

I believe that love transcends the boundaries of space and time.  The people you love have been with you before, and they will be with you again.

I believe in Angels.  I've seen them at work in my life.  I even got a phone call from one...but as Scheherezade would say, that's a story for tomorrow.  



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  1. Fantastic! You are moving right along now aren't you? The post is wonderful; it's nice to finally meet you.

    Welcome to Blogland. The people are friendly here.