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Captured and Examined - Red Hot Author's Cafe Presents the Cold Nights Hot Reads Blog Tour

It's definitely going to be a COLD night across most of America tonight.  Lucky for you, we've gotten together the steamiest authors around for a blog hop that will keep you HOT all weekend!  Be sure to register for the $125 Rafflecopter prize, along with a $10 Amazon gift card you can win from me just for leaving a comment at the end of this post.

I'm kicking it off with a sweaty scene from Captured and Examined, my new erotic romance, a blend of science fiction, adventure and time travel with lots of spanking and even some hot medical play.  It's been on Amazon's Top 100 list for almost two months now.

In this scene, Tess O'Rourke, who has unwittingly been transported from 1826 to the present day, is on the run from her captors, guarded by NATO Special Forces Commander Connall Quinn.

He's just rescued her from a room full of scientists who were performing a series of humiliating medical tests on her.

Quinn grabbed her and spread her out on the bed.  His hands were everywhere at once, caressing her, stroking, teasing.  When he slid one finger easily into her tight opening, she was shocked at how wet her pussy was, how quickly her body responded to him.  

He kissed his way along her stomach and belly until his mouth fastened on that secret spot that drove her wild with desire.  Tess moaned as he licked her clit, opening her legs wide and thrusting her hips up into his face.  He got on his knees, grabbing her ass with both hands to lift her off the bed as he slid his tongue into her pussy.
            Tess whimpered, writhing around.  “Will you - will you do…”  Her voice trailed off.
            Quinn lifted his head.  “What would you like me to do?”
            “’Tis wicked it is,” she answered.  Suddenly shy, she wouldn’t meet his eyes.   “Wicked and naughty.”
            His eyes gleamed.  “I like it already.  Tell me what you want, sweet Tess.  Tell me and I’ll do it.”
            “Those men.  The doctors.  They put their fingers and…and things…into my bottom hole.  I was embarrassed.  It frightened me and it hurt at first.  But when they kept on, it made me quiver deep inside, like it does when you put your fingers and your tongue and your stiff rod into my pussy.  I didn’t want them to do it.  I couldn’t stop them.  But ever since I can’t get the feeling of it out of my mind.  I’ve been thinking, wondering, imagining how it would be if you…did that…to me.  The way you do all the other things.  Kissing me, fondling me while you do it.  Making me wild, making me want more and more.”
            “Will you…” she hesitated, as though gathering her courage, and went on.  “Will you touch me there, so that ever after I’ll have memories of you to banish the memories of them?”
            “You want me to play with your ass?”  His voice was low.  “Ask me, Tess.  Say it.  It’s not wicked…but you’re right.  It is naughty.” 
            She froze, then heard his low chuckle and realized he was teasing her. 
            “Please, Quinn, will you do it?  There?”
            “Where?  Tell me where you want me to pleasure you.  Tell me – or I’ll have to spank it out of you.”
            His voice had taken on a stern tone that sent a thrill through her whole body.
            “Please, Quinn, will you put your finger…in my ass?”
            The words had barely left her lips when she felt herself being flipped over onto her stomach.  Quinn draped himself over her body, pinning her down.  His mouth began nibbling on her neck, just below her ear.  The spot was so sensitive she didn’t think she could bear it.  She gasped and wiggled around.  He shifted, moving lower.  She shivered as his tongue traced a leisurely path down her spine, igniting a fire everywhere it touched. 
When his mouth reached the cleft between her bottom cheeks, she began struggling underneath him.
“No, stop.  Please.  I’ve changed my mind.  ‘Tis shameful and indecent.”

“Too late.  Now you’ve got me wanting this.  Lay there, Tess.  Don’t you dare move.  You’re going to get what you asked for.”


When her father tries to force her to marry fat, old, drunken Owen Leary to preserve the family lands, Tess O’Rourke runs away from home. She gets lost on the heath in the midst of a ferocious storm and loses consciousness, only to awaken in a cave, naked and shivering, staring into the eyes of a handsome stranger. To her dismay, the man questions her in an unfamiliar language and then spanks her bare bottom when she tries to run away.

After computers all over Europe are hit with a crippling attack, Quinn, an ex-Navy SEAL now working for NATO’s cyber-terrorism squad, is dispatched to the Irish coastline in search of the problem’s source. It is there that he discovers a naked Irish lass hiding in a cave near an ancient stone outcropping.  After she attacks him and attempts to flee, he brings the defiant girl back to his headquarters with a well-spanked bottom. Once there, his medical team conducts a thorough examination, leaving his captive deeply humiliated and even more determined to escape.  Quinn has no intention of letting her go until he gets the truth, but Tess speaks only Gaelic and seems to know nothing of modern day life, and hard as it is for him to believe, over time Quinn becomes convinced that she has somehow been transported from the past.

With each passing day his feelings for the feisty redhead grow stronger, and when he discovers that his superiors plan to lock her up indefinitely and study her like a lab rat, Quinn risks everything to rescue her. But can he keep her safe long enough to unravel the mystery that brought her into his life?

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