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What Happens When Mom Is Naughty?

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     I have an extra-long excerpt for you from Twelfth Night, a book that's dear to my heart, published by Blushing Books.  I confess - it's based on real people.  But I'm not telling who!  I'll pick one person at random from everyone who leaves a comment below to win a copy of either Twelfth Night or my newest BDSM romance Reckless Obsession - your choice. 
Here's the setup for this scene:
      Matt and Kayla have been married for years and have two kids.  While facing tough times, they grew apart.  But they still love each other and they've both vowed to find a way to rekindle their romance.  Here's what happens when they come home from a party at the neighbor's house.

Twelfth Night by Kallista Dane
     “What are you doing?” Matt asked, as he watched her bustling around the room. 
     “You know I can’t stand to find the kitchen a mess when I get up in the morning,” she snapped.  “Look at all the dishes the kids left in the sink.” 
     “Leave it, babe.  We’ll clean up together in the morning,” Matt replied.
     “Yeah, I’ve heard that before.  You’ll grab a cup of coffee and sit your butt in the recliner while I do all the work.  Then after I’m finished, you’ll come in and announce that now you’re ready to ‘help.’” 
     “Kayla, I said we’d do it together in the morning and that’s what I meant.  I like to relax with a cup of coffee on my days off before I start rushing around doing chores.” 
     “I’m not going to wait till you’re damn good and ready!” she yelled.  “I spend my days off doing chores from the time I wake up till the time I crawl into bed at night.  There’s no relaxing with a cup of coffee for me!” 
     Matt’s eyes narrowed.  His voice was cold.  “First of all, I try to get my chores done around the house while you’re at work so we can spend time together when we’re both home.  I’m always urging you to take a break and sit down with me.  Second, I haven’t raised my voice to you tonight.  All I did was offer to do this chore with you tomorrow.  Yelling at me and cursing is unacceptable.  You are being rude and disrespectful.” 
     “Rude?  Disrespectful?”  Kayla was shouting now.  “I think it’s pretty damn rude to drag me away from the party just because you’re feeling horny all of a sudden!” 
     “Well, Kayla, I’m not feeling horny at the moment.”  Matt’s voice was flat.  “What I am feeling is angry.  And I think it’s time to give you the rest of the present I promised.” 
     “I don’t want any present from you right now!” she shrieked. 
     “You may not want it, but you sure need it.” 
     Matt grabbed Kayla by the arm and marched her over to one of the stools under the kitchen counter.  Hooking one foot around the stool, he yanked it into the center of the kitchen and bent her over the seat.  Kayla was yelling as he pulled down the black slacks she wore. 
     Kayla gasped at the sudden, searing impact of his broad palm on her panty-clad bottom. 
     “What are you doing?” she shrieked. 
     “What I should have done a long time ago,” he answered grimly.  Kayla jerked and writhed as more harsh whacks rained down on her bottom.  “From now on, things are going to be different around here, Kayla,” her husband said, pausing to pull her panties down around her upper thighs.  “We’re going to reach an agreement tonight.  We will treat each other with respect and courtesy, even when we disagree.”  
     His hand resumed its relentless assault on her newly bared bottom.  Kayla was shocked at how much more painful the spanking was without the thin layer of protection her panties provided. 
     “And if you curse at me or raise your voice, you will get spanked.  Then you will apologize for your rude behavior.  No more taking out your bad mood or your hard day at work on me.  I work hard too, but I don’t come home and yell at you, cuss at you or accuse you of not doing your share around here.”  He was spanking her steadily as he spoke, reddening her tender bottom cheeks as he covered every inch with powerful swats. 
     Kayla was in shock.  Her ass was on fire.  She twisted and turned, trying to get away from the harsh impact of his hand.  Groaning, she bit her lip, determined not to cry.  In all their time together, Matt had never spoken to her this way, let alone raised a hand to her.  She wasn’t sure what hurt worse, her bottom or her pride.
     Matt paused.  “Are you ready to apologize – or shall I continue?” 
     “I…I’m sorry,” she mumbled. 
     “Now for the rest of our agreement.  Will you treat me with respect?  Quit yelling and cursing?” 
     “I’ll try,” she replied sullenly. 
     He delivered half a dozen rough smacks so fast Kayla could barely draw a breath.  She squealed, trying to shield her raw, aching bottom with her hands.  Matt grabbed both her hands with one of his, pinning them at her waist and holding her firmly over the padded stool. 
     “Trying isn’t good enough any more Kayla.  You will agree – or this spanking will continue.  After all, the kids aren’t coming home.  I have all night, remember?” 
     “Damn it!  Stop that!" 
     Matt stretched his other arm out, reaching for a pitcher on the counter that held Kayla’s collection of wooden spoons.  She watched him fearfully out of the corner of her eye. 
     “Apparently I’m still not getting through to you,” he replied sternly.  Kayla cried out even louder as he began whacking her bare bottom with the flat side of the biggest spoon.  “We’re both going to abide by the same rules from now on.  I do not curse at you and I will not tolerate you cursing at me, no matter how angry you are.  I will be treated with respect from now on.” 
     “Now, you owe me another apology for that last outburst," he went on.  "And I’m going to keep smacking your ass with this wooden spoon until I get it.”  He followed up his words with an extra-hard stroke. 
     Kayla thought his hand was painful, but she soon realized it was nothing compared to the impact of that broad wooden spoon against her burning bottom.  She was stretched out over the stool, Matt’s arm across her back, holding her captive.  She couldn’t move.  And he was serious.  He was whacking her over and over, each hateful wallop like a lick of flame on her already punished backside. 
     “Stop!  Please, stop!” 
     “You know what you have to do if you want me to stop,” he replied, his voice hard. 
     “All right!  I’m sorry, okay?  I’m sorry.  Now stop.” 
     Matt paused.  She didn’t sound sorry.  She sounded pissed.  But it was a start. 
     “Do you agree to treat me with respect in the future?” 
     “Yes.”  Her throat was so tight from holding back the tears that she could barely speak. 
     “Do you understand that if you lose your temper and swear or yell at me again, you will get another spanking?” 
     “I guess so.” 
     Matt gave her two swift whacks with the spoon.  She shrieked, kicking her feet. 
     “There’s no ‘I guess so.’  I want you to say you clearly understand that if you behave this way again, you are agreeing to accept the consequences of your behavior.” 
     “Okay, I agree.” 
     Matt held her in place a few moments longer.  “If it ever happens again, I’m simply going to remind you that you’ve broken our agreement.  Then I expect you to go upstairs, bend over the bed, pull down your pants and wait for me to come upstairs and administer your punishment.” 
     Kayla turned her head sharply and glared at him through her tears.  “What!” 
     “We’re both grown-ups here, Kayla.  If you choose to behave in ways that we’ve agreed are rude and disrespectful, then apologizing isn’t enough.  You need to show me that you’re prepared to accept the consequences of your poor choices from now on.  I’m tired of those grudging, half-hearted, meaningless apologies I get after you have a temper tantrum. Well, having a night of great sex occasionally isn’t enough for me.  I want…no, I require that you treat me with respect all the time.  You wanted things to be different?  Well, you’re going to have to do some things differently, too.” 
     Kayla was grateful that her long hair covered her face as she lay across the stool.  The tears were flowing now, both from the searing pain of the spanking and from anger and shame at her predicament.  Before she met Matt and fell in love with him, she’d always dreamed of having a strong husband who would take charge in their relationship.  Matt was gentle and kind, hard-working, smart, and funny.  But he wasn’t the dominating Alpha male of her secret girlish fantasies. 
     Now a new side of Matt was emerging and Kayla was faced with having a long-forgotten dream become reality.  Suddenly, her desire for a take-charge husband wasn’t so appealing any more.  Her fantasies had never included being spanked – at least not for discipline.  Maybe she’d thought about teasing him and getting a few playful swats on the ass, like he’d done the other night.  But this – this was different.  It was painful and humiliating.  And now he expected her to voluntarily submit to this kind of treatment again whenever she had a lousy day and let off steam by yelling a little. 
     “Kayla, I’m waiting.  I want to hear you say you agree to my terms.  We’re married and I plan to stay married to you for the rest of my life.  But I will no longer allow you to take out your frustrations and annoyances on me.  You may think that spanking you like this is mean, that I’m treating you like a child.  But in my opinion, when you give in to those temper tantrums you’re being mean to me and not being able to control your actions is childish." 
     “I love you, Kayla.  But sometimes I don’t like you very much.  The things you say to me and the way you treat me really hurts.  I’ve tried talking to you about it for years, but that doesn’t seem to have any impact on you.  So from now on, I’m taking a more direct approach.  You don’t ever have to get another spanking, babe.  From now on, just treat me with the same courtesy and respect that I show to you.” 
     Somehow, despite the tears and the pain and the anger, Matt’s soft-spoken words were beginning to sink in.  He was right.  She did act like a shrew sometimes, especially when she was tired or had a bad day at work.  She couldn’t yell at the customers, so she probably did take it out on Matt.  He had bad days too.  But on those days he clammed up and went upstairs early to be alone for awhile.  He never picked a fight about some stupid thing like she’d done tonight. 
     “You’re right, Matt,” she said, choking back a sob.  “You don’t yell at me for no reason or treat me rudely.  I’m sorry.  I’ll do my best to behave better from now on.  I love you.  And if I’ve hurt you with my mean-spirited words, I guess I deserve to have my ass spanked.” 
     “So we have a new agreement?”  His voice was gentle.  “We’re both going to abide by the same rules and be respectful even when we’re angry?” 
     “Yes.  We have an agreement.” 
     Matt gathered her in his arms and stroked her hair as Kayla sobbed against his shoulder.  “Let’s go upstairs, babe.  I want to show you what happens when you treat me with love."

Twelfth Night
It's Christmas Eve and Kayla still doesn't have a special gift for her husband Matt. Times have been tough. Money is scarce. But money isn't their only problem. Matt has been cold and distant. Kayla's been stressed, losing her temper and taking her frustrations out on Matt. 

Her conversation with an old man sparks an idea - she'll give Matt 12 envelopes on Christmas Eve, holding the promise of twelve erotic nights, each one naughtier than the last. 

Matt has his own idea. He's determined to take charge at home. From now on, if Kayla acts like a child, throwing temper tantrums, he'll treat her like a child - even if it means yanking her over his lap for an old-fashioned bare bottom spanking every time. 

Will living out Kayla's forbidden fantasies bring them closer together? Or will it be Matt's firm hand on her bottom?
               Blushing Books      Amazon      Barnes and Noble      AllRomance eBooks

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