Friday, October 23, 2015

Anal Punishment by Her Alien Master - His To Command

                            Saturday Spankings
Welcome to Saturday Spankings!  I've got an especially naughty excerpt for you today from my #1 Amazon Sci-fi erotic romance His To Conquer.

      Sori seized her wrists and bound them together with a length of rope, then secured it to a hook on the front end of the table.  At the same time, Leto wrapped another rope around one of her ankles, pulling it to one side and securing it to another hook.

     What they did next had her bucking wildly on the table, desperate to escape.  Sori dipped the tip of the probe into a pot on the bench, coating it with a slick substance. He stepped to the foot of the table and began working the greased tip around her anal opening.

     “Do not move.  You will submit to anything your Master and Mistress choose to do to you – or you will be punished even more severely.”
     Talia felt the tip of the invasive probe pressing against her tight rear passage, then gasped as Leto worked it inside her.

His To Conquer
When diplomat Talia Anderson travels through a star portal to Gadolinium, an ice-cold planet settled thousands of years ago by Viking explorers, she expects to find a peaceful society waiting for her arrival. To her shock, she instead emerges from the portal into a city in the midst of an invasion by a band of ruthless, warlike creatures set on conquest of the planet.

After she is waylaid by the invaders, Talia is saved by a tall, handsome stranger, but later that night she ends up as a captive of the barbaric creatures nonetheless. Upon arriving at their stronghold, she is informed that she will soon be auctioned as a slave. To ensure her ability to please her future master, she is subjected to a thorough, intimate physical examination, and her efforts to resist merely result in painful, humiliating punishments which leave her bottom sore both inside and out.

Since he first came to her aid in the street, Prince Kylar has been unable to get Talia off his mind. After learning of her capture, he sets out to free the feisty, beautiful Earth-woman. His rescue attempt proves successful, but Kylar quickly discovers that Talia will require a firm hand to keep her defiance in check, and when she disobeys a simple order he takes her over his knee for a long, hard, bare-bottom spanking.

Back amongst his people at last, Kyler takes it upon himself to introduce Talia to all the pleasures a man’s dominance can bring. His masterful lovemaking leaves her both blushing with shame and quivering with desire, but is she truly prepared to submit fully to his conquest of not only her body but her heart as well?

Publisher’s Note: His to Conquer is a stand-alone book set in the same world as His to Command and His to Claim. It is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, anal play and punishments, elements of medical play, elements of BDSM, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

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  1. Okay, that doesn't sound like fun at all. You really do torture your heroines, and I can't wait to read the book.

  2. Ooh, I do love me a bit of rope. Intriguing snippet.

  3. When I can,afford it I will buy it and review it for my page Addicted to Reading

  4. You're so naughty, dear.
    Better repent N believe...
    God bless you.